About Me

FamilyHello there! Thanks for dropping by. I’m Brittany. Head honcho on this blog, wifey to Shahbaz, and Mama to Leilah and Samara…my two main gal pals.

I’m just a regular mom, who has an addiction to coffee, shopping at Target, and using Pinterest to pretend my life is going to get organized. I love following my kids around with a camera to document all of the cute, funny, weird moments. They’re probably sick of me doing that. To be honest, I’m 100% sure Leilah is over it, with her current favorite phrase: “don’t take a picture of meeeeee!”. Sorry kid, I’m obsessed with you!

I’d like to say that I’m into fitness and healthy eating. But really I just do my best and don’t overthink everything. I enjoy working out when I have the time and energy. It makes me feel great and refreshed, so I try to make it a habit. I love how I feel when I’ve been eating clean for weeks, but I love a good BBQ burger and shake. I also tend to have a problem with baking cookies. Like, seriously, I bake way too many cookies. Bored? BAKE COOKIES! Guests visiting? BAKE COOKIES! Going to the in-laws? COOKIES!!! SO…let’s be honest with ourselves here…I have a problem.

I really started this blog as a place to record any funny motherhood experiences, share tips and tricks that have worked for me and my family, and to have an outlet for me to vent and keep my sanity. Let’s be real here, being a stay at home mom is a blessing and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but mama needs some time for herself every now and then.

So, stick around if you feel like seeing what goes on in my head. 😉

With Love,Britt