10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

So, this is unlike the rest of my posts. I usually tend to stick to family, tips, or lifestyle type things. But, I thought it would be fun to look back on some interesting facts people may not know about me. A little “get to know me” type of post. Some of my closest friends may not even know some of these little facts. So enjoy a little peek into my weirdness.

  1. When I was 10 I was riding my bike and fell off. It landed on my face and chipped my front adult tooth nearly in half. So it’s partially fake.
  2. When I was a teenager I used to go deer hunting every season. I shot my first deer at age 16. I even used to go to hunting camp with all the guys in my family. I am still a country girl at heart, but my hunting days are behind me.
  3. I don’t remember at what age, maybe around 5, I accidentally killed our pet hamster. I forgot that I put her in a shoebox and sat on her. Ironically, her name was pizza. HORRIBLE OKAY! I’m a hamster killer. This still haunts me.
  4. I had my wedding date picked out before I even met Shahbaz. Somehow, we managed to meet, fall in love, and plan everything in the perfect timeline for an 11/11/11 wedding date. MEANT TO BE!
  5. I also had Leilah’s name picked out before I met Shahbaz. I knew if I ever had a girl, that would be her name. Thankfully, Shahbaz loved the name and agreed it would be perfect. And it is!
  6. I have moved 13 times in my life. 4 of those times have been since Shahbaz and I have been married. Hopefully we will stay put for a while! Moving is exhausting! And I love our house we are in now.
  7. I have played the flute, clarinet, piccolo, piano, guitar, and ukulele. I only still play the ukulele (kind of). Mostly La Vie En Rose (from how I met your mother).
  8. I haven’t been to a movie theater in a year and a half. There have been maybe a few movies we have contemplated going to see, but let’s be real…we don’t have the time to go watch a long movie. Plus, they’re a rip off, and I’d rather have a date night where Shahbaz and I can have a conversation!
  9. I wanted to be a Massage Therapist, and the only reason I didn’t pursue it is because of my fear of feet. I cannot stand other people’s feet. The thought of having to touch a strangers feet actually makes me want to cry!
  10. While Shahbaz and I were dating we had a pet cactus that we shared custody of. His name was Herman. I killed him. I’m also a cactus killer.


There you have it. It was actually pretty fun to reminisce a little about my past and some childhood memories. Minus poor Pizza.

What are some interesting, shocking, or unlikely things that not many people know about you?

With Love,Britt

2 thoughts on “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. LOL, oh man, I’m sorry for the angst over the killed things… but this was pretty funny and really adorable. 🙂 Thanks for sharing so many fun facts about yourself! It’s so fun to get to know you a little better!

    Let’s see, a few interesting things about me… I used to take Irish Step dance lessons, I grew up on 16 acres of land out in the sticks, I’ve moved probably over 40 times in my life, and that spans the nation… I was born in Idaho and eventually ended up in Pennsylvania. Oddly enough, my great-grandmother was PA Dutch, so it rather fits. 🙂


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