Things All Parents Do When The Kids Go To Sleep

Anyone with kids knows the struggle. You have a count down in your head until bedtime so you can finally have that alone time. You’ve kept the kids alive another day. You want to check out and do your own thing. We’ve all been there.

Being a stay at home mom definitely is a blessing. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I am so blessed and know I am fortunate to be able to stay home with my girls when that is not the case for a lot of people. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t go crazy towards the end of the day and just want a little space from my tiny human creations. I love them more than anything, but goodness, sometimes a mama just needs to not be touched for a couple hours, watch some shows, and chow down on junk food. You know?

Here’s a list of things I know all parents have done after the kids go to sleep.

Eat Their Snacks

Don’t lie. We’ve all done it. The kids have left their snack cup half full and it’s just staring at you. You don’t want to let those snacks go to waste! Might as well devour them all in one bite and tell yourself it’s so they won’t go stale. This is something Shahbaz and I literally do on a regular basis. Leilah is a nibbler and continuously goes to bed with snacks laying around. Those gold fish are fair game!

Watch Netflix

After having kids shows or songs on during the day with the same annoying tunes over and over, you want to just veg out and watch something that is on an adult level. Most of the time that means rewatching Friends or The Office for the 100th time while surfing social media on your phone. Whatever it takes to purge all the PJ Masks and Octonauts theme songs.

Stare At The Baby Monitor

So you couldn’t wait to get the kids in bed to finally have some peace and quiet…now you miss them. You are staring at the baby monitor to just watch them sleep and see what a beautiful sight your sweet kid is. But beware! Shahbaz and I have a running joke that they can feel you watching and start to wiggle. YOU KNOW THAT WIGGLE!

Stay Up Too Late Just To Be Alone

This doesn’t happen much during the week, but on Friday and Saturday I want to stay up and get some adult time without having to focus on cleaning. I force myself sometimes to watch youtube, paint my nails, online shop, even when I don’t need anything. Just because I want to have more time without someone hanging on me. But, believe me…I always regret this when I’ve gone to bed at 2am and then Samara wakes up at 5am. Why do I do that to myself?

Eat Everything In Sight

Well, you survived all day on leftover toddler food. You didn’t get a single meal alone. Now, no one will steal your food and you can eat whatever you want! So, you become a bottomless pit. Don’t tell me I’m the only one who does this. It’s like I consume 90% of my daily calories from 8-10pm. Definitely not healthy, but for sure happens all the time.

Tell me, what is something you always do once the kids are in bed?

With Love,Britt


18 thoughts on “Things All Parents Do When The Kids Go To Sleep

  1. When my kids were little I totally did all of these…especially stay up to late!! It was just so quiet and I loved it. Now my children are almost all grown and I miss the noise and chaos and giggles and laughs!

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