You’ve got this, mama.


Here on Purely Mama P, I want to create a relatable environment for other moms and women going through similar situations. Maybe you’re pregnant and not sure what items are going to be needed at the hospital. Perhaps you have a toddler who won’t go to sleep until they’ve worn themselves out two hours after you put them in their room. Even if you need to read a post about what happened in my crazy day to get a laugh. Hey! I’m your girl! I’ll post about all those experiences I’ve gone through and give a glimpse into what helped me navigate them.

I’m definitely not trying to be an expert in anyway. I’m just figuring this motherhood thing out one day at a time. However, sometimes all another mom needs to feel relieved is to know that someone else is going through the exact same thing. We’re all in this together. We all work our butts off to take care of our families. Sometimes I binge Netflix while the kids nap instead of do the laundry. Oops! It will get done though. Kids don’t want a perfect mom; they want a happy mom. And sometimes what mom needs to be happy is to watch too many Insta Stories instead of doing dishes. 😉

In other words, here is how I navigate my life.

With Love,Britt

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